Turtle soup

Quite a few years ago, this page was funny. It is not anymore, as turtle habitat is increasingly destroyed, and thousands, if not millions of turtles are exported and imported for the food and pet trade in many countries, including the United States. I have come to the conclusion that turtles and their habitats are in need of our absolute and unconditional protection. Therefore, I cannot support the eating of turtles for any reason whatsoever. Turtle Soup =========== On 10/10/97 17:03:53 someone wrote: > >We love turtles in many ways. We find your instruction sheets most >interesting and >competent. We are missing there, however, a good and traditional recipe >for turtle soup. > >Your help would be most appreciated. We would like to publish it in our >Club Monthly > >Greetings from the president of the >SAVOR GOURMET CLUB >