Geomyda spengleri

This is another Asian turtle; it's distribution ranges through

Southern China, Vietman, and the islands of Sumatra.

Melissa Kaplan sent me the following care information:

They are terrestrial, not aquatic, though they do spend time in water. I

use a large Rubbermaid tub (inside dimensions ~22" x 15" x 5.5") with a

potting soil-mulch mix. I have a "pond" (a frozen entree dish that is about

6" x 7" x 1") at one end. I planted creeping fig and a small hibiscus in

the tub. There is a half-log cave, a bark slab and a small flower pot on its

side. He uses the creeping fig, bark slab, cave and pot as hides, and

sometimes burrows under the slab and pot.

They can stay at what is around here normally room temperature throughout

the year - mid 60s (nights, winter days) to mid 80s (days rest of the year).

We had a cold winter and spring/summer last year, so I moved him from the

den where he's been for 3 years into the ig room where it is warmer.

They require UVB and occasional calcium supplementation.

Diet is red worms, snails, and slugs. I've got some Australian stick

insects - once I get some babies, I'll try them to see if he likes them.

Friends and I gather small snails and slugs from our organic gardens; they

can be stored in the refrigerator to slow them down enough to last

throughout the hot dry seasons.

November is usually breeding season - lots of activity and propping upright,

staring hopefully in all directions over the course of the month. The next

3 months or so are spent brumating.

I have a paper on G. spengleri that I really will get up at my site when I

have time to do so.