Help! I found a turtle

Here are some options, if you find a turtle:

  • Do nothing. If the turtle is in a safe place and healthy, this is the best thing for the turtle.
  • Carry to safety. If the turtle is in a bad place where it will be hurt, transport the turtle out of danger. If it is a road, carry the turtle to the side towards which it was going. (Otherwise, it will try crossing the road again.) If it is in your yard, or some other unsuitable location, release the turtle at a safe location where you know turtles live.
  • If the turtle is sick or injured, contact the closest Wildlife Rescue Center. They know how to rehab the turtle and release it back into the wild properly.
  • If the turtle is native to the area, and there is truly no other option, take it home and care for it. However, do not release it back into the wild; be prepared to keep it, or find an adoptive home for it. However, if it is sick, taking it home commits you to also taking it to a veterinarian. You are now responsible.
  • If the turtle you find is not native to the area, and you are willing to take care of a turtle, take it with you. You are doing the native fauna a favor. If you are not willing to take care of it, then doing nothing is better for the turtle.



Temporary housing for red-eared sliders.

Clean with bleach afterwards!

â“’ Aleks Haecky (CC BY-NC-SA)