Heater tube

(image of heater tube)

  • Use a tube like this (Figure 2) to protect the heater and small turltes.
  • Clear PVC pipe.
  • Slits put into it (I had TAP plastics do that for me). You could also drill large holes instead.
  • Glued into tank using aquarium grade silicone.
  • Stick aquarium heater inside. Attach using suction cups. You don't want the heater in direct contact with the pipe--just in case.
  • I use a brick to block off the side where the cable comes out to keep turtles from pulling the heater out.
  • Additional benefit: Fish like to hide in the tube.
  • # For baby turtles: Make sure the pipe openings are blocked off, or the pipe is thin enough to keep turtles from getting lodged in it. I don't use this setup with baby turtles.