Clubs - Benefits and Finding

The best place to find a club is probably on the internet by searching for "reptile club" or "reptile association" or "turtle club" and similar terms. Many organizations will have pamphlets and flyers at stores that sell reptiles. Veterinarians often have information on reptile organizations. Go to a reptile show. Facebook and Google+ and other social networks also have reptile communities.

Most clubs have regular meetings, which include talks on herp topics and workshops. Most clubs also publish a newsletter that is part of the membership. Many clubs are into education and do reptile shows. Some clubs hold swap meets. You also get advice, help, and support with problem animals. You can purchase animals and know who they come from, and often you get a better price, somewhere between wholesale and retail. Some have membership fees, and some are free, and if they are helpful, consider a donation to help them cover their costs.

How to find a club