strange encounters

These are strange sightings that readers have reported. I could

not explain them:

"My husband takes his daily 3 ml walk along a creek. He spotted a turtle in

late summer with a pink shell in the creek. Now the shell is purple he

cannot get close enough for me to give you any other markings.

What kind of turtle do you think this is?"

" have been searching tutle sites and asking for an answer for several

days then came across your site and thought you might could answer my

question. a week ago a friend of mine in wilmington,nc came across a

dark turtle in a semi dry area and had a thin coating of mud on him.

upon closer examination the turtle hissed and jumped quite a distance. i

have never heard of anything like this in my life. my friend is not the

type of person who would make this up. what could it be. any info you

might have would be greatly apprecited."