Can turtles see in color?

Q: Do turtles have color vision? A: Yes. Q: Do they care about the colors of what they see? A: Yes, in a way. I don't know of any color research with turtles. Some lizards use colors (like anoles with a red dewlap). And fish, of course. I have one turtle who definitly prefers white foods, and he will chew on anything white that I put in his cage. This finicky eater will eat tofu and egg whites, only because of their color. Q: So, should one choose or avoid specific colors when setting up a turtle environment? A: Personally, I hate pink, so I assume my turtles hate it, too, by association... I don't think color matters too much. I tend to use "natural" colors for animal stuff, like brown, gray, green, or black; and I avoid red (an aggressive color).