Slider Turtles

Pond Sliders or Chrysemys scripta is the most common species of turtle sold in the pet trade in the United States. You will also find these turtles sold for meat at oriental markets. In fact, that is how many people come into possession of a slider turtle. The well-known "green baby turtles" are also sliders. There are several sub-species of pond sliders, all of which can be kept in the same way. The most common slider seen as a pet is the red-eared slider or Chrysemys scripta elegans. Pond sliders can be found from Virginia to Florida, and west to New Mexico and all the say south to Brazil. Sliders prefer calm waters with soft bottoms and dense vegetation. Sliders are rather omnivorous, but the hatchlings eat little plant matter, and fully grown adults will eat mostly veggies. Sliders grow to 5-12 inches (12.5-30 cm), with the females getting much larger than the males. For care and maintenance, refer to the Water Turtle Care Sheet at this site. For more information on behaviors, like waving of front-feet, refer to the various answer pages at this site.