Swimming pools

Q: "Can I let my turtle swim in the swimming pool?" A: The biggest problem with the pool is not the chlorine but the fact that the pool is deep. Now, I have seen large cooters in Florida in waters as deep as ten feet, but usually, smaller turtles stay in shallower waters. Also, these turtles are fit. In a deep pool, a turtle who is either too small or not fit enough can drown trying to get to the top. So, I would let the turtle into the pool, but I would supervise him, at least in the beginning, to make sure he can handle it. Leave him in for short times at first. Sliders swim well (you can't leave a mud turtle in the pool, they can't handle that much swimming). Since the level of chlorine in your pool, if maintained properly, is not much more than in regular drinking water--yep; I was shocked to find out about that when I tested the drinking water for the aquarium--it is most likely harmless for the turtle, especially for intermittent fun frolicking. I don't know of any studies done on this, I am just extrapolating from common sense. Now, if you have small children using the same pool, I would not let the turtle in there, unless I shocked the pool afterwards. The turtle will defecate most likely and leave goodies in the water. Now, this is probably more paranoia and personal feelings about turtle "gifts" in the pool, but I thought I'd mention it. Personally, I would not want to share the pool with a turtle for the same reason as I would not allow my children and turtles in the same pool.